Monitoring Linux Mail Server in Real Time.

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Monitoring Linux Mail Server in Real Time.

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Currently I'm using hp elitebook laptop, installed and compiled with partition to handle multiple Os Desktop device with Windows 10 Pro, Manjaro KDE and Ubuntu Wayland 20.04 LTS.

My favorite ssh client connection to monitor my mail server activity in real time is using GCM (Gnome Connection Manager).

GCM is a multiple tabbed ssh client connection manager for gtk+ environments.
Starting with version 1.2.0 it only supports python3 and GTK 3. So it should run fine on any modern desktop environment.
If you can't update to python/gtk 3 and only have python2/gtk2, then keep using GCM version v1.1.0 from

Click the link below if you would like to install GCM package on your pc/laptop device for free.

Cliclk the link below to connect GCM to your mail server using secured shell connection ssh client.
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