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ShareThis Social Sharing Button Tools Replaced! AddThis Social Sharing Button Tools... Better.

Posted: April 9th, 2022, 7:45 am
by admin
For social sharing button tools...
Regarding SEO...
and with my experience...

The nofollow attribute generally would only be applied to an external link if the target was either unknown or not trusted.
I would not using nofollow any social sharing button link attribute if isn't like those above applied.
And I realized that ShareThis was causing my server slowing down the load times with 2 of my websites, because In the process of implementing a CSF (Security for outbound links), I was shocked to find that the total number of outbound links with ShareThis calls are too much.

a Few months ago...
I decided to replace ShareThis social sharing button tools with AddThis social sharing button tools.
So you can see, now 2 of my websites loading faster.
AddThis is better than ShareThis if you care about the API.

AddThis: Detailed api, displayed in an aesthetically pleasing way.
While with ShareThis: Detailed api, Hard-to-look-at developer page with not a whole lot on it.

Thank you AddThis.