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Why I'm not allowed to reply to the email I received from the submitter?

Solution Our submitter using one-way communication system,
such as robots, serves only as a courier,
Which means, that all members can only "send"
the information (commercial / non-commercial),
if the reader wants to communicate more further with the advertiser,
then the reader should follow the link and email address
provided by the advertiser or via advertiser website.

The reader does not need to reply to the emails
"by sending it back" to the submitter email address
(Reply to Robot?),
because the host server will consider it is a bounce email.

Many things that cause bounced email, most of them:

1. E-mail address of the recipient using the auto-responder, BOXBE, and SPAM ARREST.
2. E-mail address of the recipient of our submitter has been considered as SPAM email.
3. E-mail address of the recipient using an email filter.
4. E-mail address of the recipient exceeds the quota.
5. Provider E-mail address of the recipient, rejected our email address (Banned).
6. and many other things.

The purpose of this system is :

1. Submitter should not be overwhelmed by the incoming email
from every host server of the recipient
(automatically sent by the mailer-daemon/recipient host server)
that reject our emails.
if we have 10 members that reject our emails (from advertiser)
and -let say- we have 500 active members,
that means there's would be 10X500 emails sent back to our server.

Our server could be overwhelmed by the emails
which is sent back to our submitter every 2 hours
(in 20 hours - 2x10),
why? because the system will put back every emails
that has been rejected, back into the internal queue,
and waiting to be sent back to the recipient
(by the cron-jobs), and this cycles,
will slowing down the next advertiser to submit their emails
(Backlog of the server).

Frankly we don't want to delete this kind of members,
but we have no choice!..

2. To ensure that all emails from members received by the recipient.

3. Member should not respond to an ad with another ad.

4. The Privacy of all Members are not violated.

All members can contact the admin, if there is something to ask,
through links, or email address provided by the Admin.
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