Payout from Marketer-Safelist.Com & MailerSafelist.Com

All members will receive the commissions after you've reached the 30 days threshold,
Minimum Withdrawal Limit is $10.00.
Payout will be made every 2 weeks by the 5th and the 20th Every Month, So you will receive your commissions twice every month, from memberships fee of your referrals and from the credits purchased of your referrals, all in Level 1.

Payout will be made only to PayPal Account.
So please... don't forget to fill out your PayPal Account in your payout details.
If you choose "Do not Pay" - from your Payout status, your earnings will be stored in your account, until you choose "Pay on Reaching the Minimum Limit". Please see affiliate program for more details.

Also... Please allow pop-up and maintain your cookies using your browser (and will be saved) within your devices.
For security reason we use pop-up and cookies for untrackable activity and to protect your data such as:
Your session login details, ea:
username, password, referral id, commissions, Ip, Device, etc.

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