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Why My Subject Line Has Been Banned??

Solution If you experience problems as mentioned above,
and if you feel that
there's not even one word or phrase
included in the "Banned Words",
Then there's nothing wrong with your subject line...
most likely...
it's all about your "Cookies Stuff" within your browser.

If you become a member of many Safelists,
then your browser will save a lot of cookies...
and in the mean time...
Your browser becomes overloaded with cookies
than your browser can handle it.

Keep in mind...
We're using cookies to store the data in your browser
for safety reasons,
(If you're using Anonymous Proxy,
then you will get a lot of troubles! don't use it)
such as Username, Password, Ip Address and many other things,
one of which was "Banned Words".
Please note,
not all Safelists have the same rules in terms of "Banned Words",

To resolve this problem,
please do the following easy steps:

1. Clear all cookies in your browser and try to restart your browser. or ...
2. Try using another browser, such as: IE8, or ...
3. Try to replace part of your subject title ... for example FREE with F. REE or the dollar with the Bucks, or Thousand with grand or anything ... be creative.

Usually It Works.

If you want to know more about what the "cookies stuff" is,
and how to maintain your "cookies stuff" within your browser,
you can learn more here ....
and here...
and here...
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